5 Best Things You Must Have in Your Kitchen

November 6, 2021 3

You’ll find plenty of articles on search engines claiming the names of thousands of kitchen items that you must have in your kitchen. But, they always missed out on these 5 essential items that are obligatory to make your life easier. Whether you’re fixing up your new kitchen or desire to renew some worn-out things, preparing your kitchen utensils and cutlery is the primary step to a great meal.

It’s always beneficial to invest in the following 5 kitchen items to make cooking a pleasant and effortless exercise that you’ll look forward to every day. Here are our 5 must-have kitchen tools:

1. Chef’s Knife

A Chef’s knife is one of the most necessary tools that should be in your kitchen to make your cooking smoother. It is the ideal tool that can be utilized in the creation of implicitly all the dishes. It gives you more control and less pain while cutting your veggies or fruits. It leads to a secure and consistent slice of meat with fun!

You can use a sharp knife to chop vegetables and hard-shell fruits like pineapple into any shape or size. Chef’s knives are usually available in 8- and 10-inch blade length varieties, eight being the most versatile and adaptable. Chef’s knife enhances food presentation to make you a real MasterChef in front of your esteemed guests. Rather than the harsh cutting, you may have to do with your regular knife, sharp knife produces neat, uniform pieces that make your meals cook evenly and appear beautiful on the dish.

2. Pineapple Slicer

A pineapple slicer is a piece of hand-held columnar kitchen equipment with a round blade at the bottom, designed for slicing pineapples particularly. It’s a great tool to remove all flesh while keeping the pineapple shell intact in a few easy steps. A knife is needed to cut the top(stem) of the pineapple before utilizing the pineapple slicer. The slicer will cut the flesh of the pineapple into beautiful round yellow rings and also remove the core. In contrast to cutting, peeling, and coring pineapples by hand, this tool get more work done quicker and consumes less time and energy. Pineapple slicer ensures that you get the most fruit possible out of every pineapple and don’t miss the most flavored and juicy part.

Fun Fact: Pineapple slicer can also be used to cut watermelon flesh in the same way. Try it and let us know your experience.

Pineapple Corer

3. Coffee Stirrer

The coffee stirrer is a tiny wooden or plastic stick utilized for stirring and warm beverages like tea, coffee, or milk. Similar to all, coffee lovers have transformed to technology to produce a set of kitchen tools to ensure that your coffee is correctly stirred and tastes heavenly. It’s also a useful tool for environmentalists, who strive to save our world from plastic manufactured products for green and healthy earth for our future generations.

4. Salad Spinner

For fresh and crisp vegetables, you will need a salad spinner in your kitchen tool list. A salad spinner, also recognized as a salad tosser, is a piece of kitchen equipment utilized to clean and eliminate excess liquid from salad greens. It applies centrifugal force to divide the water from the green veggies, allowing salad dressing to hold to the greens without dilution. It might take a significant space in your kitchen cabinets, but they give more than sufficient value and are worth every inch of space. You can also use it as an additional prep, processing, or even serving bowl.

5. Garlic Press

A garlic press or you may call it a garlic crusher, is a kitchen utensil to crush garlic cloves properly by pressing them through a grid of tiny holes, usually with a type of piston. Many garlic presses also have a device with a matching grid of blunt pins to clean out the holes. These holes can extract the pulp, oils, and juice from the garlic to make your cooking easier without any additional effort.

Caution: Some of the garlic pulp remaining on the garlic press may dry quickly, so it is essential to wash the press instantly after using it so that it can also be cleaned effortlessly.

In a Nutshell

Don’t get scared! Cooking is fun with these 5 essential tools. Start getting these few things that we advised, and add to your collection of kitchen equipment as time passes.

Good Luck!


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